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Let’s go to Asia today! All you need is a streaming platform to binge-watch some of the most beautiful sights and storylines the continent has to offer and you can find it at G-A-G-A-O-O-L-A-L-A dot com. GagaOOLala, queer Asia’s first LGBTQ+ streaming service and is now available to audiences outside of the region so grab a friend and cocktail and start watching! GagaOOLala was founded in Taiwan with co-founder, Jay Lin who helped start Taiwan’s International Queer Film Festival. The platform was created to have LGBTQ+ media celebrated and accessible all the time, rather than just once a year at a film festival. The service offers a collection of award-winning feature films, short films and, varying in genre and location. You can journey to Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines for just $6.99 a month and that includes the subtitles. I heard, “The Teacher” is a must-see, but if you have any other show or movie recommendations, let us know by using the hashtags #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel

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