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“Looking to venture out a little this summer? USA Today published an article with 12 things we can easily implement into our travel routines to stay as healthy and comfortable as possible when traveling by air or ground this year. Obviously, using a face mask and bringing disinfecting sprays, wipes and hand sanitizers are essential. TSA is allowing for up to 12 ounce bottles of hand sanitizer, so don’t hold back! Other important items to use when traveling are reusable snack bags and water bottles. Bringing these items from home limits the number of potentially contaminated goods you could come in contact with when fueling up during a trip. Bring a portable phone charger to stay away from using public outlets or cords. Last thing to bring is a neck pillow and travel sized blanket. Many airlines have stopped offering these items, so don’t be stuck without them! What are your post-pandemic essential travel items? Share them with us by using the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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