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In need of some travel inspo? Do you want to wanderlust from home? Check out Kirstie and Christine’s Instagram @OnAirplaneMode__ (underscore). This couple has one motto, “Travel. Hustle. Repeat.”, and they live it out every day since meeting back in 2017. The two started out in New York with a mutual lust for international travel, but career and financial demands prevented them from taking the ultimate adventure. After saving up for over a year while working two jobs and doing overtime, the two ventured out on their 3-month trip of Southeast Asia which then extended out to 9 months on the road. Since then, the couple has been documenting their road-bound trips through photography, and Kirstie and Christine’s Instagram is a testament to the beauty of the world. Check out the sights of New Delhi, Laos, Vietnam and more @OnAirplaneMode__ (underscore) and get inspired! What’s your No. 1 wanderlust trip? Send us a picture with the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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