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Now, it isn’t news that everyone’s travel plans have been delayed or postponed until further notice. To help us get through these times, we can still live out our gay travel fantasies by binge watching some of these all-time favorite LGBTQ-themed movies. These movies showcase gorgeous backdrops, beautiful scenery, and may or may not include traveling. If you haven’t already added these to your watchlist, then go ahead and add these to the queue: Brokeback Mountain, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Transamerica, Y Tu Mamá También, A Crimson Mark, Seashore, and August. And I’ll throw in a couple more recent binge worthy TV shows: Queer Eye Japan, Dragnificent, and Pose. Even if just for a few hours, hopefully those recommendations will transport your mind to another place, especially for those using their vacation days for a stay-at-home staycation. Tell us on social media about your favorite LGBTQ-themed movies and TV shows. Feel free to even share a screenshot of what you’re watching. Be sure to share it and #GayTravelToday and also #Sagitravel.

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