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With the recent news of New York City joining many cities across the world that have already cancelled their Pride celebrations, it’s such a major bummer and I know so many of you out there share that same sentiment. Pride season is one of my favorite times of the year because these celebrations give us space and an opportunity to truly come together in unity and share a unique sense of camaraderie; all in the name of love because you know, love is just that “love”. Year after year, Pride has given us so much life and has uplifted so many of our spirits and it’s an important time that shines a bright light on our community. Even in the face of a time when we’re confined in our homes, I want to encourage everyone to get up, open your windows, let some light in, turn up the music, and put on your dancing shoes to celebrate Pride virtually during this 2020 season. COVID-19 may have stopped our large-scale events, but let’s not let it silence our voices and especially the spirit of pride. I encourage all of you to flood your social media feeds with your favorite pictures and videos from past pride celebrations and events or how you’re celebrating this year at home. With so many Pride celebrations across the globe, which city do you think does it best? We’d love to see somes photos or videos of you celebrating in your favorite Pride city, so share it and hashtag Gay Travel Today and also hashtag Sagitravel.

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