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Many LGBTQ+ travelers are among the first to begin adventuring around the world. Writer, James Hannaham, and his husband, Brendan Moroney, embarked on fearless journeys into destintations often uncharted by gay couples. But in visiting places like the the Philippines, Cape Verde, Vanuatu and Columbia, the two were able to build a stronger relationship and free themselves from the typical shackles of fear that plague most gay, interracial couples. What they discovered was that most hotels don’t make comments or special arrangements – positive or negative. And when others want to accommodate LGBTQ+ guests, they often get the details wrong — sometimes comically! Another takeaway was that with increased visibilty came greater vulnerability. Whether the two traveled across the world or in their own backyard, some of their worst of experiences came from highly regarded and inclusive spaces like New York. Read about James and Brendan’s specific encounters in Travel + Leisure. Just search “Interracial Gay Travel” and tell us how you have overcome your own gay travel fears in the past by using the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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