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“Feeling adventurous? Out Traveler released a list of five adventure films that are equally as stunning as they are awakening to the spirit of wanderlust. Want to follow a worldwide travel story? Try watching “Weit: The Story of a Journey Around the World,” which documents Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser’s journey through Europe, Asia, North America and Central American all without a plane ticket. Or try taking a more zeroed in approach by watching “”Meru,”” a documentary style film about three rock climbers who in two separate attempts, scaled 4,000 feet to climb Mount Meru in the Indian Himalayas. These films do a great job of providing jaw dropping beautiful landscapes but also showcasing the culture of each unique space. What’s your favorite adventure film? Let us know by using the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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