Welcome to Gay Travel Today! I’m Teraj and I’ll be your guide as we explore, engage and indulge in the world of LGBTQ+ travel today.

I want to give a big hello to all the fellow travel enthusiasts out there and I’m excited to be your host over the next couple of months with my friends at Sagitravel. Just to give you a little bit of background about myself, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and now I live in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen in New York where I launched my career as a Pop and R&B recording artist, model, and actor. What I love most about my career is that I’ve been blessed and fortunate to travel the world and I look forward to sharing inspiration and motivation with my LGBTQ community for these flash briefings for Gay Travel Today. You know, if I had to choose one final destination before I died, I’d choose a countrywide excursion across Japan. What would you choose as your ultimate final destination? We’d love to see some photos on social media, so share it and #GayTravelToday and also #Sagitravel.

Also follow me on Instagram at @teraj08 and also follow the provider of this awesome content, @sagitravelfriendly and remember to use the Gay Travel Skill to book your next destination and also get those much needed up-to-the-date travel advisories. All you have to do is enable Gay Travel Skill on your favorite voice assistant and tell it to simply “open gay travel.” I’ll catch you tomorrow, so bon voyage wherever you are!