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“For many of us, we need travel just as we need the air we breathe! But unfortunately, for the environment, jumping on a bus or boarding a plane to our next adventure comes at a cost to Mother Nature. Even traveling within your destination, experiencing its wonders and using its facilities can leave a carbon footprint. OutTraveler recently published the top 20 cities for sustainable travel that are worth checking out. Some of these locations include Vienna, Austria; Shenzhen, China; Budapest, Hungary; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Lisbon, Portugal. Coming in at number one is, Berlin, Germany! Each place was rated on factors like accessibility by train, public transportation, green space, air quality, green energy and recycling levels. Check out the full list on OutTraveler and and let us know which destination you’d like to give a try or other eco-friendly hubs you’ve discovered in your travels. Send us a picture of your favorite sustainable travel destination by using the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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