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Social and physical distancing has made us all realize so many things that we have taken for granted. For me, sometimes it could as simple as taking a Saturday trip to the museum. It takes me away from my day to day and provides so much inspiration. There’s something about the experience of a museum when I’m viewing art, everything around me just disappears except what I’m viewing. If you’re also missing those trips to the museum, we got you covered. Like the Tate Museum in London, museums all over the world are now putting their collections online. You can embark on a museum crawl hopping from New York all the way to New Zealand from the comfort of your screen. A few museums you can now experience online include The Smithsonian, The Louvre, Anne Frank House and Hermitage, and there are many more. Until we’re able to physicallly visit museums again, this is an option I’ll gladly take advantage of. What are some of your favorite museums and exhibits that you traveled to and which ones do you plan to revisit online? Share it with us on social media by hashtagging #GayTravelToday and also #Sagitravel.

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