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If you’re planning to hit up a new vacation spot in the states this year, it totally goes without say, that you should try lodging at a gay resort! These locations provide a stress-and judgement-free environment, so you can be your true and authentic self. One of the many highlights is the Vista Grande. This resort oozes Palm Springs retro-chic with its pale green and blush pink aesthetic. The grounds are noted as being the best part – a blue lagoon, complete with a waterfall, adds to the picturesque surroundings and desert mountain poolside view. Boatslip Resort in Provincetown offers a relaxing time with bright and breezy sea-front rooms and its well known “Tea Dance” event that is hosted every summer afternoon by the pool. AxelBeach Miami is an exclusive paradise whose facilities – such as a pool, the Sky Bar overlooking Washington Avenue, Spa & Gym, the restaurant, and Lobby Bar – all will ensure that you enjoy an authentic Axel experience in Miami Beach. Last but not least, is Alexander’s Guesthouse in Key West which is right by the waterside and housed in a gorgeously restored 1902 building with white clapboard walls and deep green vegetation. Check out the full list by “Queer in the World” and tell us where you would like to stay using the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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