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Would you purchase something without ever seeing it before? When it comes to an outfit or piece of jewelry, maybe, but what about an entire island off the coast of Ireland? That’s exactly what an anonymous buyer did when they purchased Horse Beach for $6.3 million dollars, having only ever been on virtual tours and negotiating on WhatsApp. Horse Beach is an island with rugged green landscapes, three beaches, natural wildlife and seven houses overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was orignially home to the local copper industry and has since been transformed into an updated, finely furnished island getaway. Although this may seem like a unqiue situation and rare purchase, agents are beginning to host more and more virtual viewings and close sales online since the pandemic. Also, leisure travel may have gone down due to COVID-19 regulations and fears, but brokers and industry experts are seeing the demand for private islands increase! If travel restrictions continue, would you consider buying an island? Tell us about it by using the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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