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The thought of boarding a cruise may feel like a fantasy of the past, but believe it or not, cruise ships may be leaving the docks sooner than later! Since the cruise industry halted last March, the CDC began working with some of the world’s largest cruise companies like Carnival, Royal Carribean, Norwegian and Disney, to assess how to set sail once again. In reviewing each cruise line’s health and safety plans for detecting and preventing coronavirus at sea, the CDC will present a scorecard to each ship to reflect the level of infection. These scores will be presented using a color-coded system: green for no confirmed cases of COVID-19 or COVID-like illness for 28 days; yellow for one or more COVID-like illness cases pending; and red for one or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 or COVID-like illness for 28 days. If the ship is given a green score, commercial transportation for crew is allowed. This comes as a relief since more than 62,000 crew members are still waiting to go home. What do you miss most about cruising? Send us your favorite cruise shot and let us know by using the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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