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Wondering if you’re making the right call to head to the salon or arrange a hiking trip? Four public health experts in Michigan assessed the risk of spreading coronavirus on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least risky and 10 being the most risky, and I’m here to share the results! The activities were based on five factors: if the activity was inside or outside; proximity to others; exposure time; likelihood of compliance; and personal risk level. Some of the high-risk activities on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise: hitting up the bars or large concert venues ranked at a nine, going to theme parks and gyms ranked at an eight and eating at restaurants or doing slots at the casino ranked at a six. On the other hand, some of the lower risk activities included camping or going to hotels, museums, galleries and libraries – all ranked at a three. Going for a walk, run or bike ride with others all recieved a risk level of a two. Check out the rest of the list by searching “ranking 36 activities by coronavirus risk level” and let us know what level of risk you are comfortable with by using the #GayTravelToday and #Sagitravel hashtags.

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